Commute Trip Reduction Survey and Tool



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Here are some step-by-step instructions for some key functionalities of the tool.

How to log in – for a new user to sign into the tool for the first time

Verify an ETC – check if an ETC has access to a worksite and update the worksite with ETC information

Add an ETC – helping an ETC sign into the tool for the first time and join a worksite

Set up a survey – creating and opening a survey

Close a survey – closing a survey once the survey window has ended

Monitor a survey – check the status and response rate of an ongoing survey

Get survey results – view responses of an ongoing or closed survey and export results

Learning and help – request additional assistance from RideAmigos or WSDOT CTR staff

Update worksite information – review and make changes to worksite information

Request new worksite – fill out the new worksite request form to add a worksite to the tool

Ongoing feature improvements

We will use this space to post requested changes and track their outcomes. Use the “Contact Us” feature in the tool to submit feedback. We plan to evaluate requested changes on a rotating basis.  

Last updatedFeatureDetails
3/21/2024CTR metrics and calculationsThe current metrics displayed by the RideAmigos tool are inaccurate. We are working with RideAmigos to implement a new process for calculating the CTR metrics which will extrapolate the entire population of the worksite. We’re also working to ensure it accurately calculates compressed work week days off.
2/13/2024New program report processWe are testing a new form to submit responses to the Program Report questions and will announce when this is ready to be used. 
3/21/2024Program report analytics We held engagement opportunities for CTR partners to collaborate on desired analytics and visualizations for completed Program Reports. The new Program Report process is underway in the RideAmigos tool. Once it is complete, RideAmigos will create a reporting page for that data.
2/13/2024Aggregate report dashboardA current version of the dashboard with visuals and a table is live, but is being updated. This is intended to replace the previous aggregate report and will be available before the end of the 2023-2025 cycle. 
2/13/2024Survey tracking pageImplementers will be able to see which worksites have surveyed and when they last completed a survey.
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