Commute Trip Reduction Survey and Tool



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Here are some step-by-step instructions for some key functionalities of the tool.

  1. How to login (PDF 230KB) – for a new user to sign into the tool for the first time.
  2. Verify an ETC (PDF 280KB) – check if an ETC has access to a worksite and update the worksite with ETC info.
  3. Add an ETC (PDF 530KB) – helping an ETC sign into the tool for the first time and join a worksite.
  4. Set up a survey (PDF 378KB) – creating and opening a survey.
  5. Close a survey (PDF 269KB) – closing a survey once the survey window has ended.
  6. Monitor a survey (PDF 123KB) – check the status and response rate of an ongoing survey.
  7. Get survey results (PDF 184KB) – view responses of an ongoing or closed survey and export results.
  8. Learning and help (PDF 144KB) – request additional assistance from RideAmigos or WSDOT CTR staff.

Submitted feedback

We will use this space to post requested changes and track their outcomes. We anticipate engagement opportunities next summer to evaluate the priority of ideas submitted through June 30, 2024 with the goal to implement these at the start of the next biennium (July 2025). There will be an opportunity to continue to evaluate requested changes on a rotating basis.  

DateFeedbackNext action dateDecision/outcome
Coming soon!
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